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The GAME 2019 #FuturistForum brought together world leaders, influencers and visionary stakeholders, from many fields, including learning sciences, medical and health education, continuing professional development, performance improvement, patient safety and population health.  Participants exchanged, in thought-provoking dialogue and explored processes to advance lifelong learning translation in healthcare.



GAME is committed to ensuring that the international medical education community is ready for the evolution of healthcare and how it will impact the discipline and practice of medicine. To achieve these goals, int hosted a two-day session on October 18-19 2019 in Budapest.

During a pre-conference session, global leaders and futurists came together to discuss future directions in medical learning, technology and collaboration.

The outcomes derived from this work will be shared with all attendees to further evolve the thinking and inspire potential solutions.

Attendees had the opportunity to present during the poster session and shared their experiences in innovation in medical learning, in collaboration and in fostering change. Key findings of this conference have been submitted for publication.



​Attendees included: HCP, leaders, decision-makers, educators, with interest in international CME/CPD/QI/PI program development, coming from academia, industry (medtech/pharma), government, and professional associations, among other.



Upon completion of the program, participants were better able to:

  • Describe how medical education/learning should evolve to become a force in facilitating change in the healthcare ecosystem

  • Identify challenges of the healthcare ecosystem that could be addressed by adult learning, learning technology and behavioural psychology.

  • Identify stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem that have a role or interest to engage/support medical education/learning and determine an approach for collaboration.

  • Explore how the “future of learning” will look 10, 20, and 30 years out. 

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