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About Us

GAME is the global leader in facilitating best practices and collaboration in lifelong learning translation into improved healthcare. 

GAME serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas among nonprofit and for-profit organizations involved in the development, marketing, and delivery of CME/CPD and health education programs worldwide.

GAME is a non-profit member-centric organization, consisting of professionals and student members from around the world who represent medical professions from academia, industry, medical societies, educational sciences, outcomes research, and patient advocacy.


GAME was founded in June 1995 by Lewis Miller.  Known as Lew, he also co-founded the Alliance for Continuing Education of the Healthcare Professional (ACEHP).


We believe by empowering healthcare professionals and their patients with knowledge, we can affect meaningful change in clinical performance and patients' health.


Our Vision

To shape the Future of Lifelong Learning in Healthcare world-wide

Our Mission

As an international professional member organization, our mission is:

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Engaging global leaders of all stakeholder groups that benefit from lifelong learning in healthcare


Pioneering future practices to shape knowledge translation in Lifelong Learning

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Addressing barriers and developing solutions for collaboration in lifelong learning

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As a volunteer organization, GAME welcomes its members to join a committee or community of practice (CoPs) group.     


GAME committees and work groups are established to assist the Board of Directors to operationalize its strategy, and perform duties relative to core business operations of the organization. Each committee has a clearly defined charge with established levels of authority and lines of accountability.


Joining a committee is a great way to serve the organization and network with colleagues from around the world!

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Membership Committee

The role of the Membership Committee is to assess and determine the needs of the GAME membership and deploy engagement best-practices that sustain and grow GAME membership annually.

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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for deploying a communication plan that supports promotion of GAME activities and events as well as membership communications.  

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Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for developing and implementing member-centric asynchronous and synchronous training programs that support the professional development and education needs of GAME members. 

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Futurist and Innovation Committee

The role of the Futurist and Innovation Committee (FIC) is to be forward-thinking and advise the organization on future trends relative to learning sciences, medical and health education, and emerging technologies. One of the main initiatives is the GAME #FuturistForum and enduring activities.

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The International Pharmaceutical Alliance for Medical Education (iPACME) CoP is a group of 20 professionals from 17 different companies worldwide, under the leadership of Dr. Dean Jenkins, FRCP, Partner, External Medical Learning, Global Medical Affairs, UCB. Initiatives will focus on:


An online forum to discuss key issues with the group, to network, and to ask and answer questions.


A Global Lexicon for Medical Education.

Supported the development of GAME's Medical Education Wiki, with listings of industry resources.

A publications sub-committee for the development of key positioning statements, definition documents for quality education, and the value proposition of pharmaceutical and medical device company involvement in Medical Education (published independently).  View latest publication.

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Communications Committees

Education Committee

Nominations Committee

Futurist and Innovation Committee