GAME Committee Structures

The following committees are the backbone to the volunteer work done by the GAME membership and Board of Directors.  If you are interested in joining one of these committees, then please reach out to our current president, Alvaro Margolis (  These are updated as of February 2019.


Communications Committee

Sherlyn Celone-Arnold, Chair

James Bannister

Matthew Frese

Celeste Kolanko

Lew Miller

Julie-Lyn Noel


Meetings/Education Committee

Miriam Uhlmann, Chair 

Jo Varney, Co-Chair

Samar Aboulsoud

Jann Balmer

Thomas Kellner

Amy Farr

Helena Filipe 

Membership Committee

Vaibhav Srivastava, Chair

Sherlyn B. Celone-Arnold, Co-Chair

Zhimin Jia

Katie Lucero

Julie-Lyn Noel

Leigh Van Wyk


Nominations Committee

Dale Kummerle, Chair

Celeste Kolanko

Futurist Forum Committee

Thomas Kellner, Chair

Suzanne Murray, Chair

Alvaro Margolis

Dale Kummerle

Dean Beals

Celine Carrera

Matthew Frese

Celeste Kolanko

Beth Richter

Miriam Uhlmann

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