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History of GAME

1990s - The Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME) established

  • In June 1995 to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas among nonprofit and for-profit organizations involved internationally in the development, marketing, and delivery of CME/CPD and health education programs

  • Launched in a manner similar to that of the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (ACME) and shares the same "founding father," Lewis Miller

  • 22 people from the United States and seven other countries attended first meeting in Stamford CT in 1996

  • Second Annual Meeting in 1997 expanded to 50 persons from Europe, Latin America, North America, Australia, and Asia; third Annual Meeting in New York had 70 participants. 


2000s - Evolution and expansion, especially in Europe

  • Attendance and enthusiasm grew, particularly as Europe moved to its own system of CME/CPD through the European Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

  • Annual GAME meeting held every year, rotating between North America and Europe  

  • Presidents during this time included Hervé Maisonneuve (France), Chris West, and Paul Piché (Canada)


2010s - Evolution and expansion, especially to the rest of the world


Under Past Presidents Robert Galbraith (UK), Maureen Doyle-Scharff (USA), Lisa Sullivan (Australia), Dale Kummerle (USA), and Alvaro Margolis (UY) overall activities have broadened worldwide:

  • Regional GAME meetings (eg, China, India, Argentina) as well as annual meeting

  • Board of Directors expanded to include representation from more parts of the world 

  • Collaboration with other organizations/meetings realized, eg AMEE, ACEhp, CME Congress

  • Expansion of offerings to members, eg, institutional membership, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) 

  • Two very active SIG's (iPACME and Patient Engagement) now regularly have meetings and help to drive the overall growth of the organization

2020 - Evolution and innovation worldwide

Under the leadership of Celeste Kolanko (UK), GAME is continuing to grow its membership and strategic partnerships worldwide. Furthermore, the diversity and expertise among the board is helping GAME expand its community of global thought leaders, is enabling GAME to pioneer innovative programmes that advance the field CPD internationally, and is the catalyst for members embracing a futuristic mindset and innovations in the field of health and medical education. 


Given members are the heart of the organization, in 2020 -2021 Celeste and the Board of Directors worked tirelessly to make membership more affordable to all professionals and students who work in the field of CME/CE/CPD. In January 2021, GAME launched a new pricing model to support membership growth and sustainability, especially during a time when many people have suffered loss and hardship due to the global pandemic. The organization is also proud to announce the launch of many new initiatives including:

  • The 2021 #FuturistForum second annual conference and programme,

  • An international leadership certificate program to support competency development among CPD professionals,

  • New publications and manuscripts about the advancement of CME/CE/CPD globally,

  • Strategic partnerships with the Alliance, APMEC, AMEE, EU CME Forum and other partners globally, and 

  • Much more!


To learn more about the organization visit us on LinkedIn or contact us at  

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