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GAME Presidents Message Q1 2023

Welcome to GAME

GAME Presidents Message Q1 2023

Dear GAME members and friends of GAME!
Let us start a discussion on the future of CME/CPD/Lifelong Learning in Healthcare (LLH) over the next 2 years. I would like to hear from you what you expect from GAME as an organization ( please fill in the GAME membership and friends survey ) but I also would like to reach out to you for your input if we should and can shape the Future of CME/CPD/LLH to ensure that the healthcare work force of tomorrow has the right knowledge and skills for better patient management on a global basis.
I would like to tell you why I believe this is important.
The wealth of scientific and clinical data is increasing exponentially and technology, as well as treatment options, are getting more complex. Thus, treating healthcare practitioner need continuous learning not only from a knowledge perspective but also from a skill and communication perspective.
Multidisciplinary teams are already reality, but increased cooperation will expand in the future. Communication, team-work and shared decision making will be increasingly needed.
I ask, with shared decision making, what will be the role of patients and their families and caregivers? How involved, how informed, and how active will patients be in the entire process?
In addition, the baby boomer generation is getting older and this means more patients with chronic diseases but also with more educational backgrounds and knowledge of getting information from the internet.
With healthcare systems under stress since the COVID Pandemic emerged and the healthcare workforce is overworked and reaching its limits even in well developed countries.
And then we experienced accelerated digitalization, not only in education when all medical congresses and meetings went online, but also in patient management. Patient access to their digitized health records is increasingly available globally.
With all these changes and opportunities, I see GAME as a particularly good platform for multi-stakeholder discussions in how we set up CME/CPD/LLH for success in the future. Envisioning the future and develop educational leaders in healthcare are two main objectives for GAME.
I would like to invite everybody who is interested to join one of our committees or communities of practice and engage actively on the needs in healthcare education for the future.
With these realities in mind, I am excited to lead the Global Alliance for Medical Education for the next 2 years and I look forward to interesting discussions and innovative solutions!
With kind regards, 😊

Eva Thalmann, PhD

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