Board of Directors

The GAME Executive Committee

GAME Founder and Board Member Emeritus


Alvaro Margolis, MD, MS (Uruguay)
President and CEO
EviMed Corp


Immediate Past President

Dale Kummerle, PharmD (USA)

Executive Director




Dean Beals (USA)




Celeste Kolanko (United Kingdom)

Liberum IME

Membership Committee Chair

Vaibhav Srivastava (India)


Insignia Learning Pvt. Ltd

Communication Committee Chair

Membership Committee Co-Chair

Sherlyn Celone-Arnold (USA)

Founder and CEO

Integrated Learning Partners


Meetings/Education Committee Chair

Miriam Uhlmann (Switzerland)

AO Foundation


Meetings/Education Committee Co-Chair

Jo Varney (UK)

Associate Director, Ogilvy Healthworld Medical Education

Nominating Committee Chair

Dale Kummerle, PharmD (USA)

Executive Director


The GAME Board of Directors

Lewis Miller, MS, CCMEP (USA)
WentzMiller Global Services

Samar Aboulsoud, MD, PhD, MSc Med Ed, FHEA, MAcadMEd (Egypt)

Associate Professor, Cairo University

James Bannister, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences (UK)

Senior Medical Writer, Liberum IME

GAME Emerging Leader Board Member

Communications Committee Member

Zhimin Jia, MD (China)

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Southern Medical University

Julie-Lyn Noel, MD MBA (Switzerland)

Director of Education and Research, Eurospine

Membership Committee Member

Trudie E. Roberts, PhD, FRCP, FHEA (UK)

Director, Leeds Institute of Medical Education
President, Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)

Matthew Frese (USA)

Med Learning Group

Futurist Forum Committee Chairs

Thomas Kellner, MD (Germany)

Director - Medical Education 

UCB Pharmaceuticals

Suzanne Murray (Canada)

Founder and CEO of AXDEV Group


Current Board of Directors

Dr. Margolis is an internist from Uruguay with a Master's degree in Biomedical Informatics from the University of Utah (USA). He has held academic positions in Internal Medicine, in Continuing Medical Education and in Biomedical Informatics at the Schools of Medicine and Engineering, Universidad de la República, Uruguay.

Dr. Margolis is Board Member of the Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME), Associate Editor of Applied Clinical Informatics, an official IMIA Journal, Member of the Advisory Committee of 2016 CME Congress (California, USA). He has been Vice President for Medinfos of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), President of the Federation of Health Informatics Societies in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Vice-President for the region of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA). He is the President and CEO of EviMed, a CME company that works across Latin America.



Alvaro Margolis, MD, MS

President and CEO

EviMed Corp

Dr. Dale Kummerle is a pharmacist and has been involved in education his entire career, from starting his career as a NovaSoutheastern University Assistant professor, to educating healthcare professionals and patients as a Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) Medical Science Liaison, to his role as BMS Department Lead for Medical Education.  He is currently the Executive Director of Global Professional Relations and Independent Medical Education at Merck & Co (MSD outside the US).  He has 4 years of international business experience in Europe and the Middle East, building and managing a team of medical scientists across 14 countries.  Dale’s lifelong passion for learning and teaching has provided him with opportunities to lecture internationally, including North America, Europe, China, and Japan, and including presentations at AMEE, APMEC, EU CME Forum, The Alliance for Continuing Education of Healthcare Professionals and the Global Alliance for Medical Education conferences.


During Dale's career, he has gravitated towards professional association involvement, including a national position with the American Pharmaceutical Association, Committee participation with the Florida Pharmacists Association, president of the Broward County Pharmacists Association, the Alliance Annual Conference Chair, and as Past-President of the Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME), is still active in its Board of Directors.



Dale R. Kummerle, Pharm.D.

Executive Director


Dean has been working in CME for over 20 years. He began his career partnering with Tufts University School of Medicine, where he developed numerous CME activities. In 2002 Dean founded DKBmed, a continuing medical education company operated by an experienced team of medical education professionals. Through the company’s longstanding relationships with accredited academic institutions (Johns Hopkins, Baylor, NYU, University of Kentucky, Tufts) Dean and his colleagues partner with the country’s finest expert faculty. DKB’s goal is to provide health care professionals with effective medical education that closes identified practice gaps and helps them deliver optimal patient care. Dean was an early adopter of using case scenarios with recorded and live actors, 3D animation, webcasts, podcasts, e-mail, and smart phone applications for clinicians and patients. Many of Dean’s programs are designed as part of longitudinal curriculums that use continuous, segmented approaches that can be measured by robust outcome measures demonstrating change in knowledge and practice. Dean has created a number of unique program formats including eleven programs under the very successful Johns Hopkins eLiteratureReview™ brand, The AOTC Cystic Fibrosis series as well as several quality improvement programs in pain, depression and diabetic retinopathy. Dean has also received multiple grants from the Opioid REMS program committee on behalf of the FDA to help stem to tide of the opioid epidemic. Dean has produced programs in Europe and Asia including activities at the European Cystic Fibrosis Society annual congresses and worked with Asian radiologists on a comprehensive educational resource. Dean has published in Pharmaceutical Executive and has presented at several Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions and other industry meetings. In addition to GAME Dean is a member of ACEHP, The National Association of Medical Education Companies and the CME Coalition.


Dean Beals

President & CEO


Celeste has more than 20 years of experience in business and education. She has focused the past 10+ years in IME/CME, delivering large-scale, global programmes across a variety of therapy areas. She has been an active member of the Good CME Practice Group (gCMEp) where she has served as a member of the Steering Group. Celeste also led the team that won the 2010 Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACHP) award for Outstanding Industry Supported CME Activity, and has been a frequent presenter at the European CME Forum. She has made other presentations for the healthcare communications community at a variety of events.


Celeste Kolanko, MEd

Managing Director, Liberum IME

Vaibhav, is the Founder & Managing Director of Insignia Learning Pvt. Ltd., based at Mumbai, India. For the past 10 years, he has been instrumental in creating a strong Indian CME ecosystem in India and is involved in creating an Indian CME forum platform under GAME India Regional Conference.

Vaibhav currently serves as the Board of Directors for the Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME) and Program Director for GAME India Regional Conference. He is also nominated as a Board Member of Journal of European CME (JECME). As an Active Member of GAME, he has participated in last 7 GAME annual conferences as Faculty and Panelist to bring Indian CME challenges and update to global CME community. He has also been involved in publishing research articles as well as conference reports in JECME.

As a Founder Director of Insignia Learning Pvt. Ltd., he is involved in various medical education projects in India and his company is a leader in CME domain in providing Independent and Continuous Medical Education in India with or without collaboration with Indian and International CME partners.

Vaibhav received his postgraduate degree in pharmacy as well as in management. He is serving Indian Healthcare Industry for more than 2 decades and lives in Mumbai with his wife (Professor in Pharmacy College) and daughter (14 year old studying in class IX), while his son is pursuing engineering in Biotechnology from MIT, India. 


Vaibhav Srivastava, M. Pharm, PGDBA

Managing Director, Insignia Learning Pvt Ltd

Sherlyn Celone-Arnold, CEO and Founder of Integrated Learning Partners, LLC (ILP), is recognized for her compassionate leadership and helping organizations achieve operational excellence. Over the past 24 years, Sherlyn has held management and senior leadership positions with major Healthcare and Life Science organizations as well as medical education companies and specialty medical associations in the US and globally. After founding ILP in 2009, Sherlyn’s been retained by academic centers, medical societies, health systems, and medical education companies to provide consulting services in the areas of strategic business planning, continuing medical education, educational research, instructional design, eLearning, performance optimization, quality improvement, and provider-patient engagement solutions. Sherlyn has hands on experience leading the design and implementation of system-wide quality and performance improvement initiatives that positively impact practice transformation. She possesses a successful track record leading multi-collaborative and interprofessional teams. Sherlyn is in the process of completing her MS in Organizational Leadership in Healthcare Management at Quinnipiac University, she is on the Board of Directors for the Global Alliance for Medical Education and is a co-administrator of a patient and caregiver advocacy group for families affected by brain cancer.



Sherlyn Celone-Arnold

CEO & Founder of Integrated Learning Partners, LLC.

Proficiency in development of comprehensive, global competency-based faculty development programs, with innovative, blended teaching methods and on different levels: for faculty, e.g., basic adult learning principles and teaching skills), for course directors, e.g., curriculum design, backwards planning, faculty management, teaching methods, and for leaders, e.g., leadership styles, team-building, communication, project management.
Skilled successful facilitator and educator (online and face-to-face) at all levels, in different languages and for learners with a variety of cultural backgrounds.
Implementation of a sound evaluation process for these programs and related resources.
Proved ability to work with medical doctors and collaborate with a broad diversity of committees, commissions and working groups.
Expertise in developing faculty management processes and building up faculty and customer relationship databases.
Additional expertise in the areas of research in medical education, leadership and administration, marketing communication, marketing information strategies, database/data warehouse management, educational technology, curriculum and instructional design, measurement and evaluation, mobile/social learning, online learning and business operations.
20 years of experience in the health care environment (industry and education).


Miriam Uhlmann, PhD, MSc

Manager Faculty Development, AO Foundation

Jo is a medical education and communications professional with more than 15 years’ experience working for agencies in the creative and healthcare industries in London. She designs and deliver evidence-based learning and behaviour-change programmes on behalf of clients. Jo's career to date has encompassed a wide spectrum of healthcare-related work including medical education, public relations, stakeholder engagement, patient support solutions and corporate communications. 
Jo is an ardent believer in life-long learning. Her first degree was in a science-based subject but twelve years on from graduation she rekindled a love of drawing and took a degree in the History of Art and followed this with a Masters. Six years of part-time studying and working was an experience that substantially broadened her world-view and honed her critical-thinking and writing skills. This experience also opened her eyes to the benefits of cross-disciplinary thinking and practice; it heightened her awareness of how working life can often be siloed, with the knowledge of one discipline segregated from another. In the role, Jo is keenly aware of the importance of leveraging evidence bases from disciplines such as health psychology, cognitive neurosciences, behavioural sciences and graphic design as well as those from adult learning.


Jo Varney, BA

Associate Director, Ogilvy Medical Education

Lew Miller is a pioneer in the CME field. He founded the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (previously ACME) in 1975 and the Global Alliance for Continuing Education in 1995. He has been honored with lifetime achievement awards by both organizations. He was on the founding board of the National Commission for Certification of CME Professionals, now and part of the ACEHP. In his previous work as founder and editor of Patient Care, a practical journal for primary care physicians, he established medical connections around the world -- from Latin America to Europe to Australia, and was inducted into the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame. He is a graduate of Princeton University and holds a graduate degree from Columbia University.


Lewis Miller, MS, CHCP

Principal, WentzMiller Global Services

Selected as one of the best 100 Chief Executive Officers in the Arab world in 2017; Dr Aboulsoud is a passionate healthcare leader who brings more than 27 years of experience in medicine with experience in strategic leadership, change management and healthcare policy with specific expertise in educational leadership, accreditation and regulation of healthcare systems and healthcare workforce. Dr Aboulsoud worked in several capacities in administration, education, quality and patient care in academic, corporate, government, publishing, and not-for-profit organizations with a long track record of project execution and globally recognized accomplishments.  A nationally and internationally recognized leader in continuing medical education, with a deep interest in knowledge management and its effective translation to healthcare practice, with several committee and advisory board appointments and awards.


Samar Aboulsoud, MD, PhD, MSc Med Ed, FHEA, MAcadMEd (Egypt)

Associate Professor, Cairo University

James is a Medical Writer based in London, UK. With over 5 year's experience in medical education, James' career to date has involved a wide range of audiences and therapy areas, delivering large-scale programmes on national, continental and international levels. With a background in technological solutions and digital learning, James aims to utilise modern solutions to enhance opportunities for healthcare professionals across the globe. He is currently leading the scientific writing team at Liberum IME, an independent medical education company.



James Bannister, BSc

Senior Medical Writer, Liberum IME

Zhimin Jia is the co-founder of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Southern Medical University (SMU), which is a key medical university in China.  Dr. Jia is a trained clinical physician and now is the deputy dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of SMU.  He is very knowledgable on medical education and also an excellent practitioner, who has won the First Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievements and the First Prize of Teaching Administration Excellence of SMU respectively.  More prominently, he has accumulated abundant international education experiences at the University of Tokyo as a Sasakawa Fellow in 2007, and in Philadelphia as a FAIMER INSTITUTE fellow in 2010, etc.  With his continuous effort, a pioneer international joint program, the SMU-FAIMER Regional Institute, has been successfully founded at SMU to enhance international medical education in Southeast Asia and all around China, with the aim to improve continuing professional development (CPD) in a more international context. As Deputy Director of Committee of Pharmacy Administration of Guangdong Province, Standing Committee Member of Teaching Committee for Overseas Medical Students, Chinese Pharmacological Society, and also member of Chinese Pharmacological Society, Jia is always quite active in the field of drug development and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, keeping relatively strong connections with some pharmacy industries, and overseeing several curriculum for pharmacy students.  By joining GAME, Dr. Jia is very pleased to hone his international abilities and infuse more global elements into his health education practice.


Zhimin Jia, M.B.B.S, M.D. PhD

Suzanne Murray's professional career spans over 30 years in organizational development, management, healthcare research, education, and performance improvement.

As the CEO and Founder of AXDEV Group International since 1997, Suzanne has supported organizations, companies and governments in Canada, United States, Europe and Asia in Continuing Professional Development, Team Function and Health System Improvement. Prior to AXDEV, she spent 18 years at McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine, Centre for Studies in Aging and the Montreal General Hospital. Her academic achievements are in organizational and professional development and management, from McGill University and Concordia University.
Suzanne’s leadership and innovative approach have guided decision makers in major organizations and in various industries to assess strategies and operational needs for professionals as well as organizational performance excellence. She has presented and published in over 100 international peer-reviewed conferences and over 35 peer-reviewed journals, specializing in human and organizational performance and education. Suzanne is a professional guide for women and men in senior leadership positions dealing with behavioral and performance challenges in International Specialty Societies, Ministries of Health, the healthcare industry and fortune 500 companies. 
Suzanne and AXDEV have received numerous business awards: Alliance for Continuing Medical Education award with the University of Wisconsin, American College of Cardiology & Mayo Clinic; Alliance for Continuing Medical Education award in collaboration with the University of North Texas Health Science Center ; Mercuriades award for Best Service Business in Quebec, from the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Business Women of the Year, for her international contribution, from the Réseau des Femmes d'affaires du Québec (the Quebec business women's network) as well as other awards.

She has served as a board member and expert consultant for: Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME); board member, Canadian Association of Continuing Health Education (CACHE); the International Strategies and Professional Development Committees, Alliance for CME (United States); was appointed by the Minister of Education, from the Government of Quebec as a Board member of a Quebec-based College and was the Chair of the Economic Committee for the International CME Congress in 2008 and 2012.
Suzanne is often referred to as the “Professional & Credible Provocateure”, a leader provoking change, evolution and improvement.


Suzanne Murray

Founder & CEO of AXDEV Group, Global (USA) and Europe GmbH


Julie-Lyn Noel is the Director of Education and Research of the EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe leading the education and research programmes. She truly believes in the EUROSPINE education programme’s aim of enabling spine care providers to provide high quality spine care. She is convinced that this can be achieved in Europe and internationally by transcending borders and languages. Julie-Lyn ensures that this aim can be achieved through the delivery of courses in various formats (including case-based discussions, cadaver lab workshops, simulators and dry lab workshops), collaborations with national societies to harmonise education standards, develop interprofessional collaboration with spine care teams, collaboration with numerous industry partners to educate on their latest technologies, and allowing young spine specialists to have a short-term observership with other spine experts. Julie-Lyn drives EUROSPINE research fostering a community where spine researchers are supported with the availability of a grant system, highly interactive and intensive research courses and networking activities and opportunities. She is also currently involved with EUROSPINE’s international spine registry, Spine Tango, that documents the effectiveness and safety of spine care, treatment techniques and technologies through EUROSPINE’s unified registry approach to generate a (collective) evidence base for prevention, treatment effectiveness, patient safety, and best practice.
Julie-Lyn has spent more than a decade in medical education and has an extensive experience working in a non-profit environment. She has successfully developed, coordinated and monitored educational projects in the European Respiratory Society (ERS). Her work has been international in scope-specifically the HERMES (Harmonised Education in Respiratory Medicine for European Specialists) initiative. She drove the direction towards professionalised medical education within the ERS to incorporate educational offerings, assessment programmes, learning technologies, CPD programmes and medical education research into the overall strategy of the ERS Education Council. She has worked closely with universities, institutions and service providers in the development of educational programmes and managed negotiations with European bodies, professional organisations and societies to develop common training frameworks and compliance for national CME requirements. She also works with various committees delivering European and national assessments by supporting them with assessment strategies towards reliable, valid and reproducible assessments.
Julie-Lyn is a licensed physician graduating from the University of the Philippines and is a holder of an Executive MBA in Management of Technology of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) of the University of Lausanne.


Julie-Lyn Noël, MD MBA

Director of Education and Research, Eurospine

Professor Roberts graduated from Manchester with a degree in Medicine and a BSc in Anatomy. She undertook her early medical training in Manchester and research in Manchester and the Karolinska Institute, Sweden. In 1995 she was appointed Senior Lecturer in Transplant Immunology at the University of Manchester. In 2000 she was appointed Professor of Medical Education at the University of Leeds. She was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2006. In 2009 she was appointed Director of the Leeds Institute of Medical Education. She was a council member of the General Medical Council (2009 – 2012) and Chair of the Association for the Study of Medical Education until July 2013. She was a council member for the Royal College of Physicians of London (2010 – 2013) and is currently a Censor for the College. In September 2013 she became President of AMEE (*). Professor Roberts’s main interests and expertise are in the areas of assessment of competence, professionalism, and transitions in training and education. In 2013 she was awarded a Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Educators. In January 2017 she received the MILES award (**) at the Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference.
* Association for Medical Education in Europe. 
**Mentoring, Innovation and Leadership in Educational Scholarship.


Professor Trudie E Roberts BSc, MBChB, PhD, FRCP(Lond), FRCPGlas, FHEA, HonFAoME, FAMEE, NTF – Director of Medical Education (University of Leeds)

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