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Leadership highlights - from our faculty
In Mod 1 W3 Leaders in Practice
Amy Farr
Feb 15, 2022
And now we have Celeste Kolanko's leadership pearls! What do you do to ensure that you are leading well? I frequently do a “self-check” by reaching out to others to ensure that I’m not leading in a “blind spot” . I frequently read literature on Leadership and look to implement things that feel genuine to me. Do you have a mentor? I’m currently looking for one 😊 (I’ve had them in the past) Do you systematically reflect on your leadership style? To be honest, probably not as much as I should, but I do from time to time. How do you refine your leadership skills? Self-reflection – looking at what has worked in the past and looking at what the future might bring – trying to find the right balance between both (by speaking with others and reading as well). Who is a leader that you admire and why? Pope Francis – he is attempting to slowly make changes in a very traditional and some would probably say “out of touch” institution. He’s far from perfect, and will probably only accomplish a fraction of what he may want to, but he is turning the wheel ever so slowly, and doing it with compassion. How do you ensure that your team and you stay aligned? Regular casual conversations and “coffees” (virtual or live) How do you cope with self-doubt? I continue to struggle with this. I try to manage this by reflecting back on what I have accomplished. I update my CV every year to 18 months. It helps me to look at my achievements in a more objective light.