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Past-President's message

Past-President's message

Welcome to the new GAME website. We hope you find it easier to use and more informative. My intention is to update our membership monthly going forward on this updated platform. For this first letter, please allow me to give a brief update of GAME’s evolution over the past year.
The world looks very different now than it did just 18 short months ago. There have been so many changes for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched us all in one way or another. While there has been much stress, pain and sadness for many, especially those in healthcare, the pandemic has both allowed a time for reflection and the opportunity for rapid advancements in communication, healthcare and the way we live in general. GAME members have no doubt found themselves amid all of these things as we are still trying to navigate this new world.
I assumed the role of the President last June 2020 during the earlier stages of the pandemic. We were nine months post our first GAME #FuturistForum, where many had gathered to discuss what healthcare education might look like in the next 5-15 years. Various topics and solutions discussed were theories and hypotheses, but in less than 6 months’ time, we found ourselves propelled into the future and rapidly making many of the changes considered. As history has shown us, crisis is often the impetus for invention. The COVID-19 pandemic is no different in that respect as we are witnessing rapid change which might have seemed “Futuristic” just months earlier. GAME has submitted a publication authored by the Co-Chairs and Futurists invited to the 2019 #Futurist Forum. We are awaiting the acceptance of the manuscript and will notify you when published.
Based on the success and interest generated by the #FuturistForum, the task force has now formalised as the Futurist and Innovation Committee and planned the 2nd #FuturistForum as a successful virtual event in May 2021. The Committee is very active and planning has begun for the 3rd annual #FuturitForum in 2022.
The Education Committee has been busy developing a Leadership programme that will involve synchronous and asynchronous learning modules. Preparations are being made to launch the first module in the last quarter of 2021. We are looking forward to offering this well-planned programme to our membership.
Like many others, we have been forced to have most of our communications in the form of a virtual environment. Conferences have all been virtual and GAME members have made multiple presentations at events such as the European CME Forum, Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference, Independent Medical Education & Grants Summit and others on behalf of GAME. Many have to conduct these in the middle of the night, due to time zone differences.
The Communications and Membership Committees have run a series of virtual networking events that have proven quite popular, and plan to host a final event in December 2021. The networking events along with the virtual Annual Assembly have given GAME members the opportunity to connect even in these periods of isolation.
A very heartfelt thank you to all committee members and Chairs who have dedicated so much time this year to grow a unique and vital organisation, especially during one of most challenging years in recent history. Your dedication truly makes a difference. We welcome all GAME members to join a committee and partake in the camaraderie that develops when you are truly making a difference. Please do reach out to me or any of the Board Members to express your interest or email
The next full Board of Directors meeting takes place virtually on Tuesday, 21st September. More highlights to come. Until then, wishing good health to all.

Yours truly,

Celeste Kolanko M.Ed.,

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